The MoshonData EuroNCAP Vehicle Target (EVT) was developed to simulate the rear end of a standard production car. It uses the current standard VW vehicle image and is suitable for RADAR, LiDAR and camera based systems.


Moshon Data is listed in the EuroNCAP AEB protocol as an approved supplier of the EVT.


The Flex-Moshon EVT Towing System is designed to tow a balloon car during EuroNCAP Autonomous Emergency Brake (AEB), Forward Collision Warning (FCW) and other ADAS tests. It can now accept the NHTSA SSV carbon fibre Fiesta shell, it is mounted with a conversion kit.

The Moshon Data towing system consists of 3 pressurised hoses (15 meter length) The pressurised hoses ensure that the EuroNCAP Vehicle Target (EVT) maintains its required position when towed behind the towing vehicle. The space between the EVT and the towing vehicle remains constant even during braking. After a collision the balloon vehicle target aligns itself automatically and is instantly ready for further testing.

Lane change manoeuvres can be performed with the balloon target up to approx. 60 kph. During a lane change, the EVT follows the towing vehicle’s lane with only a few centimetre deviation. The flexible set up not only enables lane changes, but also allows AEB testing on a curve and overlap testing,, as well as turning around on the test track

Moshon Data has also developed a Lower cost version of the EVT with the same characteristics which makes it suitable for development testing costing around half the cost of the EVT will allow users to purchase more targets increasing the number of tests that can be conducted

Also added to the portfolio are demonstration targets, full size cars, both impactable and dummy cars, either foam or inflatable.

Moshon Data can now offer a bespoke custom design service to create a Target to your specification, whether that be a car van or truck a shopping trolley or a Motor bike, and any type of road side furniture from around the world.


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